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Unconventional multi-use?

I shoveled my tiny front porch with my frying pan. This should sound crazy, but it seemed perfectly normal. I am living in my tiny house; I named it Chickadee. The bird themed name seemed a natural choice coming from a Robin. Now you see my double doors open out, a wonderful, space saving design […]

See what a Build Tiny Workshop looks like!

Have you been interested in what one of our Build Tiny workshops look like? Take a peek! Below is a video of our April 2014 Workshop in which you’ll see a tiny house built of SIPs (structural insulated panels), and a steel framed tiny chapel being built in a series of exciting time lapse videos! […]

Build Tiny’s Stash

Being in the construction business for many years in the same area has it’s advantages. Today as I was running errands I came across another great deal. I needed some sheet copper for a table top so I went to my local Roof Center. After I purchased the copper I was chatting with the manager […]