3-Day Build Tiny Hands On Workshop Cabinet Appointees

June 2-4, 2017


Join us as we continue to build Heather’s tiny house. During this 3-day class students will use a variety of tools to work on various finish and cabinetry projects. After a tiny house is framed and dried-in the finishing starts. At this point the house feels almost done. Don’t be fooled, there is still a lot of work ahead.

During this workshop we will be working on the interior of the house. Projects may include flooring, window and door trim, baseboard, cabinet and furniture building, etc. We will discuss how and when to use reclaimed materials, as well as how to select new materials. Students can choose from any of the projects that are ready to be done and we will instruct them on how to safely and efficiently tackle those tasks.

This is the fifth workshop in the Build Heather’s tiny house series.

15 people maximum for this class

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