Steve Harvey Show – Featuring Our Very Own Tiny House


Tiny houses are a great solution for people who would like to simplify their lives. Whether you would like to have less work waiting for you when you get home, you would like to spend less on housing costs, or you are tired of hearing your upstairs neighbor stomping around all night, a tiny house can make a big difference.

We are an east coast tiny homes construction company offering build tiny workshops, or made-to-order tiny homes ready to set up anywhere in North America.


As our population grows and our average house size increases, so does our need for natural resources. These large, sometimes enormous, homes not only consume more electricity and gas, their footprint also creates an impermeable barrier that doesn’t allow rain water to seep back into the soil. When you add in all the extra stuff you need to fill a large house, it becomes increasingly clear that building and living tiny can be an integral part of your plan to consume fewer resources.