Build Tiny + Boneyard Studios – 2 Workshop special!

That’s right, Build Tiny and Boneyard Studios have teamed up to offer a tiny house workshop special. Attend both workshops for only $500.00! See the workshop page for more info.

Planning and building go hand in hand so why not some great instruction on both?

The Boneyard Studios/Open Source Tiny house workshop offers instruction on how to design and plan your build. Here is what they have to say :

“We believe tiny house workshops should be like tiny houses: small, intimate, and designed to your individual needs.

You will not be sitting in a conference room with 80 – 100 people.  Our workshops have no more than 30 participants, are led by two professionals  in the building and design industries who have experience building and designing several tiny houses and the co-founder of the country’s first tiny house community.  You will receive a survey to fill out before the workshop so we can tailor components of the workshop to your specific interests.  You will walk away with materials to help you plan your build – materials planning worksheets, a criticial path project plan for a tiny house, base drawing plans, and other planning materials. These are all shared with you in hard copy and digitally after the workshop.”

After attending their workshop students have been very excited about how to take the next step. That is where Build Tiny comes in. We will teach you about the tools and the skills needed to help you continue on your tiny house journey.

We stick with the same intimate phisophy. Attendance is limited so everyone gets a chance to use every tool and to become comfortable with each task. On site camping and group meals provide an environment that fosters networking and some pretty awesome discussions.

If you are thinking of building a tiny house these two workshops will provide you with plenty of hands-on experience in both the planning and build phases so that you will be better prepared to go out and Build Tiny!


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