Open Source Workshop

I spent today at the Open Source Tiny house workshop. It was an enjoyable and educational experience. Any time spent with Lee Pera and Tony Gilchriest is a good time; add in Matt Battin and the day just got better.

To start the day the attendees received a binder full of great information and then they spent the day learning about a multitude of tiny house components.

First lee talked about many of the issues she has faced and researched, including zoning and the actual build. Then Tony took over the projector controls and gave a very thorough description of the nuts and bolts of planning your site and the carpentry prep an d skills needed to build a tiny house. To wrap up the day, Matt instructed on the systems involved in tiny house construction. The group that attended interacted with the speakers, asking some great questions and, as the day  went on, adding their knowledge to the forum and occasionally harassing Matt.

It was a fun day. Can’t wait until tomorrow.

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