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News about Workshop

I talked with Dee Williams yesterday and she will not be traveling to Berryville for the workshop. She will be attending via Skype and will be happy to schedule one on one time with anyone who has questions or who just wants a chance to take a minute to get to know this amazing woman. […]

Open Source Workshop

I spent today at the Open Source Tiny house workshop. It was an enjoyable and educational experience. Any time spent with Lee Pera and Tony Gilchriest is a good time; add in Matt Battin and the day just got better. To start the day the attendees received a binder full of great information and then […]

Update on workshop

So many great things are happening here at Build Tiny! The first thing I will mention is that Tony Gilchriest has joined the workshop. He has built two of the four tiny houses out at Boneyard Studios. Tony is a talented carpenter and has a great sense of humor, so I know he will fit […]

Work underway at the farm

Work is underway here at Two Filly Farm (our workshop location). While I have been working on the space and settings for the workshop, Amy has been hard at work on her tiny house; she spent last weekend securing the vapor barrier and protective metal to the underside of the trailer. My dog, Mija, has […]