News about Workshop

I talked with Dee Williams yesterday and she will not be traveling to Berryville for the workshop. She will be attending via Skype and will be happy to schedule one on one time with anyone who has questions or who just wants a chance to take a minute to get to know this amazing woman.

Our thoughts are with Dee and I hope you will join us in sending her lots of good energy.

Open Source Workshop

I spent today at the Open Source Tiny house workshop. It was an enjoyable and educational experience. Any time spent with Lee Pera and Tony Gilchriest is a good time; add in Matt Battin and the day just got better.

To start the day the attendees received a binder full of great information and then they spent the day learning about a multitude of tiny house components.

First lee talked about many of the issues she has faced and researched, including zoning and the actual build. Then Tony took over the projector controls and gave a very thorough description of the nuts and bolts of planning your site and the carpentry prep an d skills needed to build a tiny house. To wrap up the day, Matt instructed on the systems involved in tiny house construction. The group that attended interacted with the speakers, asking some great questions and, as the day  went on, adding their knowledge to the forum and occasionally harassing Matt.

It was a fun day. Can’t wait until tomorrow.

Update on workshop

So many great things are happening here at Build Tiny!

The first thing I will mention is that Tony Gilchriest has joined the workshop. He has built two of the four tiny houses out at Boneyard Studios. Tony is a talented carpenter and has a great sense of humor, so I know he will fit right in.

Another wonderful thing that is happening: Lee Pera, co-founder of Boneyard Studios, has been working on the new Build Tiny website. Lee is also going to join us at the workshop; I am excited to have her positive energy and networking prowess joining the Build Tiny team.

Last, but certainly not least, we have moved Steve’s tiny house onto Two Filly Farm, the workshop site, and we are looking forward to spending some time with Steve and his family. They will be here for the workshop and Steve will be sharing his tiny house building story with us. Check out the pics of the move on FaceBook.

If you haven’t seen the FaceBook page yet, please give it a look, then a like.

Until next time,

Dream Big, Build Tiny

Work underway at the farm

Work is underway here at Two Filly Farm (our workshop location).

While I have been working on the space and settings for the workshop, Amy has been hard at work on her tiny house; she spent last weekend securing the vapor barrier and protective metal to the underside of the trailer. My dog, Mija, has been one of Amy’s biggest fans. She spent much of her weekend under the trailer, too.


Amy also cut in two of the three layers of insulation – I even got to help a little with that part.  Here is Amy using a hot knife to trim a little piece off one of the sheets.


After deciding to bump the walls out 6″ on each side, we talked about how best to support the weight. I designed some brackets, had the pieces cut and have been enjoying some welding time. Watch for ready made Build Tiny Trailers in the near future.

While out at a charity horse ride I ran across this powerful tiny house. The couple who own this beast are touring the US for 3 months. They brought their house on wheels with them from Belgium so they would be comfortable while traveling. Traveling tiny is an international phenomenon!