Tiny House Portfolio

Build Tiny has been involved in the creation of a number of tiny structures, all as unique and varied as the people who own them. Check out our gallery of mobile masterpieces!

The Chickadee is Robin’s personal tiny house and office. It is the first in her signature line of tiny houses. These houses will be created and built as artistic expressions with varying themes. Read more.

The Tiny Chapel is the brainchild of Bil Malbon, a retired pastor, who wanted to provide couples with the perfect venue for small, intimate weddings. The 100-square-foot Tiny Chapel accommodates up to 20 people inside – with tiny seating on authentic church pews! The space also includes a functioning bathroom and interior storage area.  A retractable steeple on the chapel’s porch completes the authentic country church appearance while assuring that the structure remains compliant with transportation requirements.

Desiderata was designed and built by Build Tiny for Heather Markowitz. The 385-square foot home has vinyl siding with a standing seam metal room. It can accommodate multiple people comfortably with its two lofts, upper deck and spacious main area. Priced at $72,000, the Desiderata includes multiple features such as mini-split, ductless heating and cooling, RV Style gas and electric water heater, 30 Amp 120 V Electric, washer/dryer hook-ups and a full-size gas range. Heather found savings by hosting a group painting party, using Habitat for Humanity ReStore cabinets, starting at a Build Tiny Workshop, and most importantly, with help from friends (thanks, Evan!).

Amanda decided to start her tiny house build at this Build Tiny workshop. These pictures show attendees assisting in preparing the trailer, installing the subfloor and assembling the SIPS walls and roof. By the end of the 3 day workshop Amanda had the shell of her tiny house built and ready for the next steps.

Amanda has now completed her tiny house and is happily living the tiny life!

This is a house built using Build Tiny’s facilities and it is a terrific example of Build Tiny resources and teamwork. Jennifer Glenister ordered plans online and modified them to meet her needs and style. She used Sketchup to draw everything before she started building. Because of her time spent drawing along with her construction knowledge and amazing work ethic Jennifer was able to have her house livable in 4 months.