Consider attending our workshops in Berryville, VA to learn more about what goes into building a tiny house. We offer a Beginner’s Tool Workshop course and a comprehensive Build Your Tiny House Workshop. We hold regular workshops throughout the year and by request.

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What can you expect at a workshop?

Description refers to the Beginner’s Tool Workshop and Build A Tiny House Worskhop, combined.

Meet New People

You’ll be introduced to and work side by side with other like minded tiny house enthusiasts! Learn together, assist one another and take the new friendships home with you!

Tools & Safety

You’ll receive hands on learning and safety instruction on a variety of tools commonly used in tiny house construction. A great place to start!

Building Materials

Take a behind the scenes look at some of the most popular building materials being used in tiny house construction. This is a vast topic followed by questions and answers.

Fastener Information

Learn about the different types of fasteners that are used in tiny house construction. You will learn what they are along with when, where and how they’re properly used.

Construction Experts

Listen to construction experts and learn how to properly and safely build your own tiny house. This is a great time to ask any questions that you may have!

Meals Provided

Only Lunch will be provided during the tiny house workshops.


Primitive on site camp spots are available. There are no hookups or showers but attendees are welcome to pitch a tent or bring their camper.

And More

Our tiny house workshop is a great learning experience that gives you a wonderful foundation in construction. It’s a three day experience that you don’t want to miss!

We offer two great workshop options depending on your experience level. See details and pricing below.

Beginner’s Tool Workshop

$175.00, held on the Thursday April 7 before a Build A Tiny House Workshop

Berryville, VA

This optional, introductory day to the Build A Tiny House Workshop is designed to familiarize people who have little or no prior building experience with the tools and materials used in the full workshop and in tiny house building. You’ll be instructed in safety and appropriate usage, and you’ll use all tools under supervision to prepare for construction over the full workshop weekend. Build Tiny holds regular workshops in April and October, and year-round by request. Contact us to request a workshop date if you have a small group that could benefit from professional instruction.

You’ll become familiar with, and learn to operate, a wide variety of hand and power tools. Instruction will help ensure the safe and effective use of each tool. Some tools that you can expect to use include the tape measure, drill, screw drivers, hand saws, impact drivers, miter saw, router, compound miter saw, laser level, portaband saw, multi-tool, and pencils. We’ll also discuss and use a variety of fasteners and building materials used in tiny house construction. This topic is vast, so we’ll go over the basics and then turn to your questions. Throughout the day, you’ll implement the construction skills that we discuss to build a wooden tool tote for you to take home.

Build A Tiny House Workshop

$495.00, a 3day class held from Friday the 8th through Sunday the 10th

Berryville, VA

This three day, hands-on tiny house building workshop with on-site camping provides tiny house enthusiasts with an opportunity to build, learn, and network. Build Tiny holds regular workshops in April and October, and year-round by request if you have a small group that could use our help. Contact us to request a workshop date.

You’ll work side by side with expert builders on tiny houses in different stages of construction. Come ready to work on and learn about a variety of tiny house building skills. You will have the opportunity to participate in tasks such as these:

  • trailer attachment
  • wall and roof framing
  • SIPS installation
  • window installation
  • plumbing
  • wiring
  • roofing
  • siding
  • cabinet building
  • interior trimming
  • and more

The tasks offered at each workshop are determined by which tiny houses are under construction at the time. No, not all houses are built during workshops. We ask the owners who have houses currently being built if it is ok for us to use their house. If we do, they save on labor.

Camping and showers are available on-site, and meals are provided. We prepare our menus making an effort to accommodate dietary restrictions, please let us know if you have any special dietary needs. There are restrooms! And yes, they can bring motor homes etc.

We welcome participants of all skill levels, from those who’ve never used a drill to those who know every aisle of the hardware store by heart! If you’re new to construction, consider attending the optional Thursday Beginner’s Tool Workshop to get comfortable with the tools we’ll be using. Join us for a weekend of building, learning, and networking with other tiny house enthusiasts!

Our Team includes trained experts in building construction. Please take a moment to learn more about some of the wonderful people who are waiting to assist you! We look forward to seeing you at one of our workshops!