Welcome 2014! We have plans for you.

Now that the holidays are behind us and winter has settled in, it is time to plan! This time of year with the colder temperatures and shorter days I find myself more willing to build less and plan more. I like to spend time in my warm, quiet office drawing up plans for current and future projects. It is never too early to start working out those details that will be part of your next project.

2014 A little time with a pencil can save a lot of time with your other tools.

A little time with a pencil can save a lot of time with your other tools.

Some of the things I am working on are:

  • Putting together another Build Tiny workshop. Please check out the workshop page for more info.
  • Talking to my SIPS supplier to decide where I am comfortable with price vs service. They offer a range of services when manufacturing their panels and each aspect has an associated cost. A little math now can let me go forward with my ordering knowing that I have explored my options and am confident in my decisions.
  • Gathering pictures of trim samples to show customers. There are many different types of trim styles and materials available. Good pictures and/or physical samples are a great way to assure that my customer and I are on the same page. Trim can also be stained or painted during bad weather and set aside until needed. No need to lose build days just because your tiny house is not yet dried in.
  • Researching local mills to find one that has some salvaged barn wood to use for flooring. I am hoping they will also have some rough sawn lumber to create a false beam.
  •  Reading to do to keep current on the changes in codes and requirements. As monotonous as that sounds, it is rewarding when I find that there is a new way to do something that will result in a better product. Even after many years in the trades there is always more to learn.

So that is how I am spending the indoors hours. But the reason I choose to make my living building is because my favorite place to be is outside with my tools in my hands. So don’t be surprised if even on these cold winter days you still find me out there putting my plans into action!