At Build Tiny, our ultimate goal is to connect you with your ideal tiny house. We can do that in a few different ways. We can teach you how to build your own tiny house, you can help us build your tiny house, or we can build your tiny house for you.

Building Your Own Tiny House (with or without our help)

Visit our Workshops page to learn more about our construction workshops, where you can learn how to build your own tiny house. Contact us to arrange for your tiny house to be started at a workshop.

If you’d like to help build your tiny house but you don’t have the expertise to do it all on your own, we can help! We can work with you to design and build your tiny house, with room for you to be part of the process.

If you’re looking for a house right away, we also have tiny houses that are built and ready to ship to your location. Contact us to discuss your tiny house project.

Purchasing a Tiny House

Do you love the idea of living tiny?

…not if it means you have to become a welder

…carpenter, roofer

…electrician, plumber etc.

drawingWe have a solution!

Let us build your tiny house just the way you want it. Whether it’s a simple marker drawing like this or something more detailed, we’ll be happy to work with you to make your tiny home a reality!

You can easily select and purchase your tiny house through Build Tiny. For a quality custom house, we’ll work with you to design the house to your specifications, build it, and help you arrange delivery to your location. We also offer houses that are already built and ready for purchase. Contact us for more information on purchasing a tiny house.