We’ve put together a list of the most commonly asked questions about tiny houses, our workshops and building your very own tiny house.

About Tiny House Features

What is a tiny house?

Tiny houses come in all shapes and styles, but Build Tiny focuses on houses that are free-standing and approximately 96 – 325 square feet. They can be mounted on a permanent foundation or built with wheels for portability (THOW). Build Tiny promotes the concepts of sustainable living and conserving resources, by using high quality sustainable and/or recycled materials and maximizing the use of every square foot of living space.

Do I have to choose from established designs?

Our houses are custom-designed, so you can choose your very own layout, building materials and be creative about your new living space from the ground up. You can also choose an existing design or purchase a house that has already been built.

Which utilities will my home have, such as plumbing, electricity and heat?

Build Tiny houses are completely custom-built, so you can design your house with a variety of utility options.

The three main options that we see most frequently are:

  1. a fixed foundation with fixed water, electricity and other utility resources
  2. a tiny house on wheels ( THOW ) that includes water and waste tanks, along with hookups for portable electricity, water, and other utilities
  3. an off the grid configuration with rain water collection, composting toilet, grey water retention or filtering and solar power or unpowered options.

Of course, many of these features can be combined in different configurations for your ideal tiny home.

About Tiny House Workshops

When is the next workshop?

We hold regular workshops the second weekends of April and October, and year-round upon request. See our Workshops page for details. If there is nothing scheduled at this time, contact us to request a workshop

About Building Your House

How much does a tiny house cost?

Whether you learn to build your tiny house with us, or we build it for you, our houses are hundreds of thousands of dollars less than the cost of the average house in most urban areas, and much less than the cost of any standard size house, anywhere.

That said, asking us to provide a generic cost estimate is like asking us how much a car costs. Costs can vary widely depending on the size, materials and features of your tiny home. A good budget range is $30,000 to do it yourself up to $60,000 for a mid-range custom build. Of course, there are many tiny houses being built for a lot less and some for much more. Contact us for a cost estimate.

How long does it take to build?

If we build your house, it takes about 2 -4 months from the design work to the finished house. We can also help you plan your own house construction project, with a step by step process that you can learn through one of our workshops.

May I help build my tiny house?

YES! We encourage owner participation. For some people, being a working member of the construction crew can add to the tiny house experience. It can also help you save money and learn more about the structure and function of your house.

Do I have to help?

No. Many people are very good at things that have nothing to do with building. You might have no desire to get dirty, sweaty and perhaps a little bloody. In that case, we can provide a high quality tiny house built to your specifications with no labor required, or you may purchase a house that is already built and ready for delivery.

How do I get started?

Even if you’re not ready to build or if you don’t even know if a tiny house is right for you, let’s talk. Contact us and we’ll listen, share our experiences and help you decide how or what you might like to build.

About Transporting Your Tiny House

Can you deliver the house to my location?

Yes, we can deliver anywhere in the continental United States. Please contact us for delivery information.

If I want to start building my house through a workshop or pick up my finished house from your location, where can I get a trailer?

To safely transport your tiny house, we recommend that you use a custom-built trailer. We can provide a custom-built trailer designed for your tiny house if you are local (within 100 miles of Berryville, VA). If not we can help you locate a manufacturer near you and we can send them the information that they will need to build your trailer. We also offer delivery options to bring your house directly to its new location.

About Choosing a Location for Your Tiny House

Does a tiny house have to be built on wheels?

No. A tiny house, or any house, should be built to fit the owner’s lifestyle. If you have a permanent location and the local authorities will approve your plans, then a tiny house on a foundation can be an excellent choice.

Which zoning or other regulations should I consider when choosing where to locate my tiny home?

Tiny houses are a new housing option in many localities. It’s important to check with your local housing and development authorities before parking or installing your tiny house in a particular location. If your locality doesn’t support the use of tiny houses yet, get involved and help advocate for change.