As seen on TV Tiny Chapel at NC Tiny House Street Festival

April 21-23, 2017

Join us for a weekend dedicated to the modern tiny house movement in North Carolina!

tiny house maintenance is low - build tiny

Unconventional multi-use?

frying pan propped up on deck - tiny houses are low maintenance - build tiny and enjoy your leisureI shoveled my tiny front porch with my frying pan. This should sound crazy, but it seemed perfectly normal.

I am living in my tiny house; I named it Chickadee. The bird themed name seemed a natural choice coming from a Robin.

Now you see my double doors open out, a wonderful, space saving design decision that has just one drawback, snow.

And yesterday it snowed.

I love snow days. Not a bunch of them but just one or two each winter. It is my down time. I am a builder and I spend almost every day outdoors. That is exactly how I choose to live. I wouldn’t have it any other way. But every once in awhile I like to have a day or two that I can read a book or even work on work stuff inside while it is still light out. I am a very logical and practical person, so if it is light out I feel as though I should be out there working on something. Or riding my horse, or something that takes advantage of the ability to be outdoors.

Now the snow doesn’t preclude me from being outside, I actually like to be out in it sometimes. But when it is snowy and blowing and so cold that even the dogs don’t want to go out, I turn into a house cat. I want to be curled up in a warm house with a book or drawing paper.

But I have out-swing doors.

The last thing I wanted to do was bundle up in a bunch of outdoor wear and trek out to my shop and get a shovel and trek back and spend 2 seconds shoveling the snow off my tiny porch. So as I was finishing the eggs I had prepared an idea came to me. It may have stemmed from the memory of my mom “mowing” our tiny condo backyard with her scissors. She could not afford a mower and she enjoyed a manicured lawn so she created a space with what she had. She was also logical and practical.

I had a frying pan.

I knew I would not have to bundle up to just step out the door and quickly pan the snow off the porch, but I did replace my slippers with some boots. It took about 2 minutes and the porch was cleared and as an added benefit, the frying pan was clean too.

Today the snow has ceased and the porch is clear, but the wind is still blowing.

Surely one more day inside is going to be alright.

Build Tiny - Halloween Hustle to benefit Family Services Inc

Tiny House at Halloween Hustle to Benefit Family Services, Inc.

Halloween Hustle Build Tiny house dispalyJoin Build Tiny in supporting Family Services, Inc. at the Halloween Hustle! We are bringing a tiny house for you to tour and ask questions. Climb up in the loft and see if you would be comfortable sleeping in a tiny house. Check out how we used the wood we salvaged from an old barn to make cabinets, and how we made lights from gas pipes.

If you can’t attend, please consider donating. If you want to run but can’t afford the fee, Build Tiny will pay for your kids and will pay $10 towards adults that mention our website.

DATE: Saturday, October 29, 2016 (Rain or Shine)
 Montgomery Village Shopping Center (Near Global Rood),   19227 Watkins Mill Road, Montgomery Village, MD 20866
TIME: Kids Fun Run/Walk @ 8:30 AM,  5k Run/Walk @ 9:00 AM

Build Tiny’s Stash

Being in the construction business for many years in the same area has it’s advantages. Today as I was running errands I came across another great deal. I needed some sheet copper for a table top so I went to my local Roof Center. After I purchased the copper I was chatting with the manager and asked him if he had many windows in the bone pile. Now he knows that I am always looking for a deal, so when he smiled and said “yeah, come on back”, I was pretty sure I was going to go home with a deal. Now shopping for tiny house windows is not quite the same as just grabbing any deal; I wanted to make sure they would be sizes that would be usable. They were. I left there with 8 windows.

So what am I going to do with all those windows you ask? Well I am going to add them to the growing pile of leftover, recycled, not needed, etc… stuff that I am sure someone will want for their tiny house.

This pile already includes a fridge, generator, power center and some other items I recently harvested from a camper that was heading to the recyclers. As well as building materials that are left over from jobs.

In the past these items have been donated to the Habitat Restore, and I still take some things there, but now I am going to set aside things for Build Tiny workshop attendees to purchase at super low prices, i.e. fridge $25, generator $50. At the beginning of each workshop I will let everyone know where the items are located and they can look through them. Options to purchase items will be determined by the order of sign up. First person to sign up for the workshop has first option to buy as much as they want. If they don’t want to buy everything, the second person to sign up has the next option….. and so on.

It will be nice if  all the stuff can find its way into a tiny house.