Preakness Balloon Festival – May 11-13, 2018


Join Build Tiny at the Preakness Balloon Festival May 11-13, 2018. Listen to Build Tiny founder, Robin Hayes, on Thursday morning on their radio show talking about tiny houses.

Build Tiny will be at the 2018 DC Tiny House Festival

Would you like to attend an amazing Tiny House Festival AND learn how to build a tiny house at the same time? Now you can! Build Tiny is going to be hosting a Hands-On Workshop at the DC/Virginia Tiny House Festival June 15-17, 2018.

This Festival is hosted by the United Tiny House Association. That means it is going to be awesome! These are the people that put on the biggest and best Tiny House events in the country- Florida Tiny House Festival, Georgia…..

Build Tiny will be building a 16’ THOW on-site during the festival and you can sign up to be part of the build team. Participants will be instructed in many aspects of tiny house building. They will use tape measures, saws, levels, nail guns, hammers, drills, etc. to construct a real tiny house. We will start by explaining how a water level works and then have the students level and secure the trailer. After that we install insulation in the frame and then the subfloor goes down. Next comes the real fun, FRAMING! We will have stations set up so students can work on wall framing, truss building, window installation, wiring, plumbing and many of the other skills needed to build a tiny house.

If you would like to sign up for this opportunity go to to register. The class is limited to 15 students – it will sell out so sign up soon.

What’s It Like Living in a Tiny House?

People are drawn to tiny houses for different reasons. Perhaps they are looking to make life simpler, have fewer living expenses during retirement, or would like to travel but not in an RV. For one of our own associates, building a tiny home was the answer to all three desires.

With the help of Build Tiny, Amanda designed and built her own tiny house and named it “Roameo”. She moved Roameo to Austin, Texas where she now lives in a community of other tiny house dwellers. If she ever wants to move again, she can take her house with her. Read more about Amanda’s Life of an Austin Tiny Home Dweller.

Reference: The Life of an Austin Tiny Home Dweller

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Social Media Fail?

We are each good at something, maybe a bunch of somethings. I like to think that I am good at building and teaching – two somethings. I seem to be not good at social media.

I could be better at it if I tried. But I don’t think I will try.

Let me explain.

The way I see it, to be good at social media you have to be current – posting things as they happen. I like to experience things as they happen, absorb all the nuances of the moment – the personalities, feelings and interactions.

Here’s an example.

Last weekend I hosted a tiny house building workshop. I truly enjoyed meeting new people and spending 3 days getting to know them. We spent the time working together, sharing meals, sitting around a bonfire (perhaps with good bourbon and a bit of peach moonshine) and sharing life experiences. As usually happens, I never even thought about posting pictures or sending out a tweet during the workshop. And then after the workshop, on Monday, I started getting back in to my normal routine of having no routine. The Monday after each workshop is processing time. I spend the moments between tasks rerunning situations and conversations from the weekend. I enjoy them all a second or maybe third time. In my memories I may even pick up on something I missed while it was happening, a little tidbit that helps me to understand someone or something a little better. I cherish my thinking time after a workshop and really don’t want to rush to my computer or phone to get my post up while it is still relevant. I guess there is something about posting that makes it feel like it is over. And if it is not over until Wednesday for me, then that will just have to do.

I’m ok with just being good at building and teaching.